We Put Logos on Stuff.
Lots and lots of stuff.

We take the seemingly ordinary—shirts, bags, pens and so on—and create the extraordinary. Based on years of experience, we view every shirt as an opportunity… every mug as a possibility… every pen as a chance—a chance to make a lasting impact.

The result? We transform ordinary items into messengers, spreading your message far and wide…

Consequences for you? Lasting impact—your message is remembered.

Fresh Ideas Are Contagious

Water Bottles

Promotions with a twist are remembered—your message spreads—triggering a domino effect so your message achieves long-lasting exposure. Promotional products are truly the gift that keeps on giving—the only form of advertising that has staying power—especially when they are the Muldoon kind.

Putting logos on stuff has lasting results

When we say Muldoon promotions create lasting impact, here’s what we mean…

Trophic & Minami Nutrition mini totesASAP hockey bagJackie getting into ASAP hockey bagPPPC Image Awards 2010, Bronze, Best in GreenPPPC Image Awards 2010, Silver, Professional DealerOGIO BagsCMC Umbrella

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As members of the Promotional Products Professional Association of Canada, we have access to thousands and thousands of products. Try your hand at it or call us at 905.713.0010 to source for you.

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