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“Distributor of the Year, Small Enterprise (Central Canada) and the gold goes to…Muldoon Marketing!”

Celebrating 16 years in the industry, it was a real honour to be recognized and voted as Distributor of the Year by our peers and colleagues within the industry. We’ve always taken a partnership approach with our suppliers, knowing that we can’t deliver and fulfill the needs of our clients without them. And it’s been rather simple, really. Treat them as we would like to be treated, recognizing the value of the knowledge and experience they offer from many years in the industry. Our success is a reflection of their support and commitment to you, our clients.

So, it’s not just Muldoon Marketing getting the job done for you…it’s the team of suppliers behind us. We thank them for their support and recognition. Without them, we wouldn’t be the award-winning company we are today.

Don’t Leave Home Without These

travel wallet

Number 4 on David Lavenda’s list of ‘10 Practical Tips to Make Business Travel Less Miserable‘ is Take appropriate electrical plug adaptors. Muldoon can help you there.

We can also assist with computer bags and carry-ons (1. Pack for today’s overhead-bin reality), though we can’t do anything for your queue charisma (7. Pick the “right” security line).

We can help you avoid an excess baggage fee with a portable luggage scale, secure your bag with a quick-release strap, and identify it easily at your destination with a slap-on tag, but we can’t help you pack (2. Select the right clothes).

If you’d appreciate these things, imagine how grateful your clients will be. Call your Muldoon promotional expert today for yet more ways of keeping your company top-of-mind this summer.

Wellness Is the New Green

A hallmark of the present age has to be the daily appearance in the media of stories related to health. So great is the volume of stories of disease and cure, outbreak and breakthrough, diet and exercise, that we’re confident in proclaiming, “Wellness is the new green!”

Nowhere is this more evident than in the promotional products world where calorie-counting jump ropes and yoga towels have joined pedometers and yoga mats as popular corporate gifts.

So if you haven’t already bought umbrellas for giving away in April, and as New Year’s resolutions catch their second wind, you may want to investigate the “Cadillac of sports bags” or “on-the-go” salad cup, and show your customers and employees your support and appreciation of their good health.

For fun ways to promote healthful living and your organization, call Muldoon today—or better yet, jog here!

Have the Most Popular Booth!

HEADZ headphones

Best Practices for Choosing a Trade Show Giveaway
As trade show season begins, it’s worth giving a thought to how it will end, that is, with your client’s departing figure, gift in hand. And you may ask yourself, “Has the gift done its job?”

Giveaways aren’t everything in your marketing strategy of course, but they are important. They should further your objective, be it simply getting your name out or communicating a specific message, and make a favourable overall impression. Fortunately, there’s a lot of consensus about how to accomplish these things.

Assuming you’ve resolved some basic questions about budget, quantity, and suitability (Will my logo fit on the barrel of this pen?), there are three things to consider when choosing a product to promote your company:

1. Quality
The promotional item is a reflection of your brand. Don’t create an association with low-cost gimmickry.

2. Utility
Practical, everyday objects get used and keep your brand visible. Some obvious examples are pens, notebooks, and magnets. Some not-so-obvious examples are ear buds, luggage/bag tags and cell phone holders and chargers.

3. Longevity
A function of quality and utility. The longer the useful life of the giveaway, the more exposure for your organization. An 18¢ pen has little longevity.

As you can imagine, the list of items that fits these criteria is long. Why not call us for help in selecting the most effective giveaway for your brand? We’d love to put our years of experience at your service.

Consider a pre-trade show mailing


Trade show season approaches and you may want to consider a pre-show mailing that combines a promotional item with an invitation to visit you at your booth. You’ll stand out from your competition and make an impression that’s not possible by email.

You could, for example, send customers and prospects a mobile screen cleaner and a note enouraging them to bring their gifts to your booth for a chance to win an iPad.

Like gift-giving generally, a mailing of this kind can generate goodwill. And your message, in addition to informing people of your attendance and location at the show, should create an incentive to meet face-to-face.

There’s a number of other cost-effective products that can be mailed flat. With utility and long-life in mind, sticky notes, bookmarks, and lens cloths are only a few. Consult your Muldoon Marketing promotional specialist today for assistance in selecting the one that best promotes your brand and drives your business.

Paying it forward this Christmas

Lately, we’ve been doing some reflecting. (It’s that time of year, after all.)

In March, Muldoon will have been in operation for 15 years, and we are extremely grateful to you, our clients and friends, who have supported us. You’ve kept us busy, and in business. We thank you.

And, since we can’t pay you back, not really, we’re going to pay it forward. This Christmas, Muldoon will be making a donation of children’s winter coats to The Yellow Brick House.

Without you, we would not be able to do this. Without you, we would not be.

Again, you have our sincerest thanks, and best wishes this holiday season.

Let your fingers do the swiping – even in the cold

We’re often asked what’s new or different, useful, and still affordable. Touch screen gloves definitely fit the bill. For less than $10, you can dial, text, and browse your way through winter, keeping your hands warm all the while.

Made of comfortable, washable acrylic, these gloves feature conductive fibres in all five fingertips, allowing them to work with your favourite capacitive touch screen devices. They’re ideal for everyone who needs to get things done, regardless of the weather!

Music is all around you…

…and if it isn’t, the remedy is simple ­– Sticky Vibe!

Sticky Vibe

Sticky Vibe - available in black or white

With summer here, this innovative speaker technology presents an irresistible opportunity to bring the hills, dock, campsite – everywhere you’ll be! – alive with the sound of your favourite music.

About the size of a large Post-It note, Sticky Vibe’s compactness makes it perfect for travel, and nothing could be easier to operate. Connect the device to your MP3 player or computer with the USB cable provided, then simply attach Sticky Vibe to any hollow object to transform it into a speaker. Cylinders and cones produce the best results, however, we experimented with a cardboard box and a recycling bin and were astonished by the sound quality. You will be, too! Happy listening!

We’ve moved!

Muldoon Marketing continues to gravitate northward. In 2007 we left our offices at Lawrence and the DVP for the (comparatively) wide open spaces of East Beaver Creek in Richmond Hill, and just last week we settled into new digs in Aurora.

Our address is
19 Ing Court
Aurora, Ontario
L4G 0K5

Phone and fax numbers are 905.713.0010 and 905.713.3702, respectively.

Jackie is still at extension 202, though, and Melissa is at 203. Other things that haven’t changed are our commitment to a job well done, and our dedication to assisting you in spreading your message.

A box or two may need unpacking, but we’re again hard at work with Christmas only 7 weeks away. If you’re still casting about for a promotional vehicle for this holiday season, know that anything is still possible. People love to receive gifts as a thank you for their service, or in appreciation of their business. Think hoodies, toques, and scarves. Or chocolate, cookies, and candies. Household items continue to be well-received. Cheese boards, Peugeot pepper mills, and kitchen knives are just a few ideas.

If you have something in mind, or would like more suggestions from us, we’re here (in Aurora!) and happy to help wrap up your gift-giving.

Logo Brief

There’s a special moment when we’re about to work with a new client logo.  It’s a moment mixed with hope and uncertainty.  We sort of hold our breath after clicking on the attachment…wait for it to open up…please let this be a “good” one.  Please.

We know that very likely the logo development process took a long time; likely involved many opinions and possibly compromise.  If we’re smiling when we open your logo it’s quite likely that…

1) You’ve used a graphics program (NOT word processing software) to create a vector formatted logo that won’t change proportions when we need to resize it for various products;

2) You’ve avoided drop shadows – they don’t reproduce well on many promotional products;

3) You didn’t make your logo abnormally tall or wide – when we’re dealing with restricted heights and widths for most product imprint areas, shrinking really tall or wide logos makes them tiny and illegible;

4) You don’t have gradients in your logo – gradients also don’t reproduce well (or at all) using many branding methods including pad printing, screen printing and embroidery;

5) Your logo designer has considered and ensured that your logo will work well in one colour and has provided this artwork as an approved option.

Now in the whole grand scheme of things, we know that making us smile when we open your logo files isn’t at the top of the list!  Fair enough, but know that we always want your logo to look good so if we can assist with your new logo development or consult along the way we’d be more than happy to help!

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