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Best Practices for Choosing a Trade Show Giveaway
As trade show season begins, it’s worth giving a thought to how it will end, that is, with your client’s departing figure, gift in hand. And you may ask yourself, “Has the gift done its job?”

Giveaways aren’t everything in your marketing strategy of course, but they are important. They should further your objective, be it simply getting your name out or communicating a specific message, and make a favourable overall impression. Fortunately, there’s a lot of consensus about how to accomplish these things.

Assuming you’ve resolved some basic questions about budget, quantity, and suitability (Will my logo fit on the barrel of this pen?), there are three things to consider when choosing a product to promote your company:

1. Quality
The promotional item is a reflection of your brand. Don’t create an association with low-cost gimmickry.

2. Utility
Practical, everyday objects get used and keep your brand visible. Some obvious examples are pens, notebooks, and magnets. Some not-so-obvious examples are ear buds, luggage/bag tags and cell phone holders and chargers.

3. Longevity
A function of quality and utility. The longer the useful life of the giveaway, the more exposure for your organization. An 18ยข pen has little longevity.

As you can imagine, the list of items that fits these criteria is long. Why not call us for help in selecting the most effective giveaway for your brand? We’d love to put our years of experience at your service.

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