Consider a pre-trade show mailing


Trade show season approaches and you may want to consider a pre-show mailing that combines a promotional item with an invitation to visit you at your booth. You’ll stand out from your competition and make an impression that’s not possible by email.

You could, for example, send customers and prospects a mobile screen cleaner and a note enouraging them to bring their gifts to your booth for a chance to win an iPad.

Like gift-giving generally, a mailing of this kind can generate goodwill. And your message, in addition to informing people of your attendance and location at the show, should create an incentive to meet face-to-face.

There’s a number of other cost-effective products that can be mailed flat. With utility and long-life in mind, sticky notes, bookmarks, and lens cloths are only a few. Consult your Muldoon Marketing promotional specialist today for assistance in selecting the one that best promotes your brand and drives your business.

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