Logo Brief

There’s a special moment when we’re about to work with a new client logo.  It’s a moment mixed with hope and uncertainty.  We sort of hold our breath after clicking on the attachment…wait for it to open up…please let this be a “good” one.  Please.

We know that very likely the logo development process took a long time; likely involved many opinions and possibly compromise.  If we’re smiling when we open your logo it’s quite likely that…

1) You’ve used a graphics program (NOT word processing software) to create a vector formatted logo that won’t change proportions when we need to resize it for various products;

2) You’ve avoided drop shadows – they don’t reproduce well on many promotional products;

3) You didn’t make your logo abnormally tall or wide – when we’re dealing with restricted heights and widths for most product imprint areas, shrinking really tall or wide logos makes them tiny and illegible;

4) You don’t have gradients in your logo – gradients also don’t reproduce well (or at all) using many branding methods including pad printing, screen printing and embroidery;

5) Your logo designer has considered and ensured that your logo will work well in one colour and has provided this artwork as an approved option.

Now in the whole grand scheme of things, we know that making us smile when we open your logo files isn’t at the top of the list!  Fair enough, but know that we always want your logo to look good so if we can assist with your new logo development or consult along the way we’d be more than happy to help!

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