Is men’s underwear a good promotional product?

Is men’s underwear a good promotional product? We’re not talking boxers here…loose fitting, wacky patterns.  No, we’re talking underwear that fits; underwear that cradles the package, “allowing absolute freedom and eliminating the need for shifting and adjusting”.  He, the supplier asking this question of me, wanted to know what I thought.  I was eighteen shades of RED, trying not to think!   Now, a safe distance from crimson I am pondering this question more globally…what makes a good promotional product?

Let’s see, good promotional products will:

  • Create a memorable link to your product/service.
  • Effectively deliver your message.
  • Build good will and positive associations.

So when you choose a promotional product, go back to your objectives.  Think about your message, your target audience and what fits your brand.  If your target audience is men…unique men’s underwear could definitely be a good “fit”, creating a memorable association with your brand and overall positive associations.  The answer is yes…under the right circumstances, yes.

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