Colourful, WEARABLE Corporate Colouring Books

Kids love to colour.  They love to colour where they’re supposed to and, possibly even more, where they’re not.  We’ve recently come across a really neat product that not only meets kids need to colour where they’re not normally supposed to, but let’s them do it again and again.  It’s even a PTPA (Parent Tested Parent Approved) Media award winner. 

What is it?  It’s a colouring book that kids can wear and it comes in a kit from “kids luv 2 color”.  The kit includes a t-shirt with a black and white design to colour using the included 6 washable markers.  You colour it, wear it, wash it, colour it again!  Fun!

You might be thinking why’s Muldoon talking about this?  This caught our attention because it’s available for corporate promotions.  Companies can have their custom design printed on a t-shirt and packaged in one of these kits.  It’s a unique, family-oriented giveaway.  Kicks a regular t-shirt giveaway up a notch or two, doesn’t it!

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