An Incalculably Useful Gift

ResQMe.  Who has “Rescue Me” (original by Fontella Bass or any number of later versions…Aretha Franklin…Diana Ross) running through their heads?  I know I do (and you’ll be cursing me all day when you can’t get it out of your mind), but this is about a tool and a way more serious type of rescue than the love song indicates.  This little tool, just a couple of inches long, puts a potentially life-saving device at your fingertips.  Rescue me?  How about rescuing yourself?!

Check out this YouTube video to see the tool in action (being tested, not in an actual rescue!):

This is a very cool tool; made even cooler in my eyes by the fact that it’s available as a promotional product.  What a great way for a company to promote a safety message or simply give an incalculably useful gift that hopefully never actually gets used, but is with the recipient every single day!

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